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Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness Coaching

Before changing any behavior, it is helpful to know why you want to get rid of the habits that do not nurture or contribute to your sense of well-being. If you change, what will be your positive feedback? A healthier lifestyle, more energy and vitality, the joy and serenity of emotional sobriety, a slimmer body? ... for as long as we cling to bad habits that may not be life-threatening but certainly aren’t life-enhancing, we only steal from our potential. Sarah Ban Breathnach

Whether it is doctor recommended changes to diet & lifestyle or your own desire for improved health & wellness, I am your accountability partner, creating a specialized, unique roadmap for your goal of health & wellness. Change is hard, change is scary, change can be overwhelming, & change takes time. I create a program just for you, ensuring your success both for today & for years to come.

I combine my Exercise & Sports Nutrition education with my Health Coach skills, adding in knowledge about the 7 key metabolic hormones that facilitate weight loss, and how eating to your blood type balances the body.  I ask questions, and then I ask more questions, and after that, more questions.  I am interested in You, all aspects of You.  I take such factors as career, relationships, and other key elements of your lifestyle into account as I create a roadmap for your health & wellness.

I zero in on your singular strengths, then help you to engage those strengths in order to reach your health & wellness goals. In addition, I help you identify your greatest areas of struggle and build an accountability program to support you to overcome those struggles.

I focus on the long-term, emphasizing sustainable change & forgoing quick fixes & instant gratification.  Your personal program will focus on making small, incremental adjustments to your lifestyle, adjustments that become life long habits of health & wellness.

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